Turbo Miata: The Parts List

I’m currently two work days into my turbo MX5 project.  Given the fact I’m at school and also am waiting on parts to be delivered back home, heres a little post to keep you guys in the loop.

Though not yet completely finalized, I have been putting together my parts list for the turbo build.  I’m trying to do things on a college student budget… but also not blow my motor up in the process.  The overall goal is to strike a balance between price and reliability.  Ideally, my parts list will fall under $1,000 (hopefully like $850ish max).  With that said, lets dive right into whats going in the build.


Used DSM or WRX/LGT turbo ($35-$100)

AEM Wideband O2 Sensor/AFR Gauge ($125)

26in Intercooler with Piping ($130)

Megan Racing Turbo Manifold & Downpipe ($220)

Ebay Boost Gauge (Less than $10)

Spectre Pod Filter ($25)

Ebay Blow off Valve ($50)

Ebay Oil Line Kit ($30)

Stock ECU (Free)

Turbo Miata … Priceless

Total: $690 (Conservatively)


The list has shifted around a lot already and without a doubt it will be revised once or twice more before the final parts are ordered.  Fingers crossed and we’ll have a turbo Miata before the New Years Eve ball drops in Time Square.


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