Turbo Miata: Part Two

As we move into week two of the Turbo 1990 Miata build, I come bearing updates!

First thing is first, I am now the proud owner of a DSM Garrett T25 turbocharger.  I managed to practically steal a Garrett T25 off eBay this week, checking off the first box on turbo parts for the car.  Though this is only the first step, it’s going to help a lot in mocking up the engine bay as the project moves forward.

Come first week of Champlain College winter break (December 18th) I’ll be swapping out the existing timing belt, water pump, pulleys and seals, making way for the real mods to come.  Once I have the block back together I’ll work on mocking up the engine bay and accumulating some additional parts.  Likely my next investment will be smaller items like a boost gauge and AFR gauge, just to get them done.  The air/fuel ratio gauge is a huge part of the build considering I am using the stock Miata ECU.  Additionally, it holds the second highest price tag for items after the Turbo Manifold/Downpipe combo.  I’ll have a really good feel as to how I will be mounting the turbo so I can clean up the engine bay to make some room.

Next Steps:

As for what I have planned this weekend, I’ll be pulling out the remainder of the Air Conditioning system.  When I bought the Miata, it had no A/C compressor and only had working heat.  Considering it’s a convertible, I figured A/C was my last priority, so I’ll be taking out the A/C Condenser and piping all the way back to the firewall on Friday.  After this is done, I’ll have space in front of the radiator to mount up an intercooler and the real fun will begin.

I keep telling myself I just need to get past the preventative maintenance and get it running and then the real fun will begin.

Stay tuned.


Photo Credit: KiNGDEE206 D-Series.org Forums 


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