VTCar.Club (yes, .club)

After months of messing around and testing, we can proudly introduce our new website VTCar.Club

The aim of VTCar.Club was to create a community where automotive enthusiasts from all across the state of Vermont can visit to exchange knowledge, showcase their cars and find events both local and regional.  The website is currently in its early form and it needs you and your expertise!  We have a limited amount of manufacturer subforums and what everyone will benefit from most is content.  We are extremely active on the forum and encourage any and all recommendations.

Now I’m sure you’re wondering… and the answer is yes

.club is a domain extension and happens to be the one we chose for the site.  The goal of this was to incorporate just the name of the site when navigating to it, so it’s quick and easy to remember.  The design of our logo provided reaffirmation that a .club domain was the right choice.

If you are a car enthusiast or have friends that want to trade knowledge and showcase their builds, look no further than VTCar.Club

A special thanks goes out to Konner Sherman (Developer/Founder) and Chris Genega (Community Manager/Founder), the site could not have been possible without them.




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