Drift it if you’ve got it

You’re probably wondering what I’m up to, making a blog post with a BMW featured image… Your question is most certainly valid.

As you know if you’ve followed my blog or had a brief look at my site, my main project has been doing a turbo Miata build.  After finally completing preventative maintenance, ie timing belt, water pump, etc I got the car back into working order.  I covered everything I was doing to the car in my Turbo Miata blog posts.

Things changed this weekend when some crazy ideas and a seemingly perfect array of craigslist listings combined.  Me and a buddy of mine have always talked about how much fun it would be to do a drift car build, aka a higher horsepower (200ish+) rear wheel drive, complete beater of a car.  BMW’s are often the odd man out at drift events and the reason for this is a combination of rational and irrational.  BMW’s are notoriously expensive to maintain and heavy.  Not to mention that very few come stock with limited slip differentials and adding power to them isn’t a cheap ordeal.

After feverishly searching craigslist over a few days and getting in touch with posters, we ended up empty handed and it was probably for the best (Sorry to disappoint everyone).

The cars seemed too good to be true and fortunately we saw them for what they were, rather than driving 2+ hours to investigate them only to not purchase them anyway.  As it stands now we are extremely interested in doing a drift missile build, but budget, car availability and time of year are just a few of the factors that have put the brakes on this idea for now.

But give it time… If we can’t get a BMW we would more than gladly “settle” for a Nissan.

More to come soon.  


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