Professional Value Statement

The field of marketing is one that is often surrounded in controversy.  Despite this, one thing almost seems unanimous, the overall desire for transparency.  More and more, consumers want businesses to be open and honest about their business.  Transparency is a word often thrown around in conversation surrounding businesses and their practices but what does it mean to me?  

In my professional marketing career, I hope more than anything to have significantly contributed to furthering transparency and trustworthiness of businesses.  If you are working for companies you truly believe in, there is nothing easier than to vocalize the trust and faith you have in them.  In simple terms, company transparency is simply showing themselves for what they are, rather than omitting the things they would rather not be told to the public.  These can be things ranging from unethical practices to financial records.  

When it comes to companies providing goods for the United States Military and Law Enforcement, it is of utmost importance to provide the highest quality product to protect those who are serving.  I feel very strongly about this industry and transparency is key.  Companies cannot simply say they have the best product, they need to know what makes their goods the best and present that information above all else.  Simply put, as marketers we can’t be putting lives in jeopardy with marginal product, that is marketed through rose tinted glasses.  We need superb products and a no nonsense approach to marketing to Military and Law Enforcement members.

Companies should not have to hide their business practices, production processes or policies.  The discovery of hidden things like child labor or environmental pollution have the possibility to completely sink a company.  Businesses need to operate like everyone can see everything they do.  When that day comes, I will feel like I have made the impact I desire.